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STORY OF THE FUTURE By: Jon Racherbaumer

DALE SCOTT, The Future of Magic ® is an avatar of astonishment, who discovered at an early age that he wanted to reveal and express the primal mysteries that energize and make us unique. He has made it his destiny to use his vision and innate abilities to dramatize these mysteries by using imagination, spectacular stagecraft, and new-millennial showmanship. Today he has become a leading practitioner in the art of Stage Illusion and Comedy Magic, producing spectaculars for Casinos, Cruise Lines, VIP Galas, Corporate and Special Events.

His peers echo his calling:

Phil Willmarth, The Linking Ring, magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians: "Dale Scott is clearly a polished and very experienced performer with expensive and highly effective presentations. His show features elaborate stage sets, pyro-techniques, dancers and dramatic kabuki-type presentations... not to mention excellent magic!"
"William W. Larsen, of Hollywood's world-famous MagicCastle: " He delighted Magic Castle audiences with his talent and style, which is unique and imaginative.
Hiawatha, writing in Magic Magazine: "We're talking eye-catching sets, props, costumes and enough pyrotechnics to rival Disney!"

Born into a creative family with a show business background, by the time he was eight years old, Dale had mastered the classical guitar and developed an interest in conjuring, namely the art-form of creating wonder through magic.
By 12 he learned the art of stilt walking from Geza Geier, a European hand balancer and acrobat and he was booked as the youngest professional stilt walker in the world "Too Tall the Clown". He towered 13 feet in the air amazing audiences nation-wide at fairs, shopping malls, grand openings and parades. This lead to expanding his range and scale by creating eye-arresting and mind-blowing illusions. He became a member
of the Counts of Conjuring under the direction of William Brewe.The Counts is the oldest organization in existence for teenage magicians and there Dale developed his award winning act. He subsequently learned more of his craft from the prestigious Chavez College of Prestidigitation and Manual Dexterity, studying under the premier sleight-of-hand authority, Neil Foster. Dale eventually won the gold medal award of merit as a result of a national competition sponsored by the Society of American Magicians when he was only nineteen years old. Dale apprenticed for six months with Aldo Richiardi, his greatest inspiration, and was encouraged and advised by Marvin Roy, (Mr. Electric) who said after he won the gold medal: "Now go with it", and he did!

Stan Alan, now publisher of Magic magazine, advised Dale to contact the cruise industry, which led to a successful career with eighteen different cruise lines including 5 world cruises on Cunard's famed 'Queen Elizabeth II".
Traveling to countries like Egypt, France, Africa, China and Japan, helped influence his unique style which Dale calls "Thematic Magic". When he's not Inaugurating a new cruise ship, Dale can be found headlining around the country  as well as appearing with stars like Kevin James, Rondell Sheridan, Dom Deluise, Woopie Goldberg and others; or at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, or appearing for the Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan. Producer William A. Shaw writes, "Your performance with Bob Hope in the Rose Bowl Gala Celebration will long be remembered by everyone there". A week later, Dale brought his Magical Kabuki Theater production to the Magic Castle which was then celebrating their 28th Anniversary. It was here that Dale's friend the late Sam Kinnison, "Super Star of Comedy", planned to work with Dale dubbing him THE FUTURE OF MAGIC ®. Kinison, who had a deep love for magic and a fascination with The Great Dante, thought Dale's style was dramatically cutting edge.  Dale performed for the president of the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City for over 1000 VIP guests in his own production with a twenty two member cast and crew. He is the only illusionist to perform for a VIP Gala at the famed Kennedy Compound in West Palm Beach, Florida. Anthony Kennedy Shriver, afterwards, wrote: "We are grateful for your enthusiastic performance, it made our gala Outstanding!"

Dale has developed a persona and the kind of epic theater that becomes a centerpiece for many productions. In fact many producers have built entire shows around him such as: Circus Fantasia, The Phantom of illusion, Magic in the Air, and Cinemagic (where Dale took on the role of James Bond). One of his most celebrated "looks" used in past performances was his stunning disguise in full Kabuki style make up and wardrobe with black panthers and four female assistants.
" Dale says that playing different characters in his thematic productions makes the magic more challenging for him and more entertaining for the audience. When Dale’s Illusion Show toured Europe, the contract was extended for two years! 
While there, he met Ana, a beautiful fitness director from Spain. She joined the production and soon after, they added exotic cats to their show. 

Today they use their energetic presentations in a creative way which incorporates the art of illusion into global corporate meetings and special events. This not only empowers the corporation’s message, but makes their magic resonate long after the curtain drops. That is the real magic!

Major Corporate Events in 99, 2000 and 2001 featured their production, including General Electric, Fed Ex, Ross Stores, Gordon’s Jewelers, Harley Davidson, and Motorola, where they performed for 3,400 employees with a cast and crew of 53!

The highest honor came in 2004 when The Future of Magic was the Entertainment Brand chosen to perform and motivate Ritz Carlton and Marriott International’s Global Leadership Conference. For six months, Dale and his team designed illusions incorporating all top executives including the Marriott Brothers themselves. (Marriott and Ritz are the most popular properties “World Wide” for Corporate & Special Events).

In the past year alone, Dale and Ana had two illusion shows, on two continents, at the same time! Recent engagements
including Danze Fantasy Productions, Georgia National Fair and the  I-COM Global Sales Summit, in Orlando Florida.

It was best said by magic star Mr. Electric in an article prepared for Genii, The International Conjuror's Magazine,
"Dale Scott is one of the new exuberant, wonderful breed of conjurors that will carry magic into the future and beyond. He is always willing to take that extra chance in search of that ultimate miracle that all magicians seek " Taking the same primal energy and dream of magicians throughout human history Dale adds techno-brilliance, Faustian flash and razzle-dazzling deception to all of his theatrical events. He gives you the future ... now!